The investment opportunity / The retail advantage

  • A proven retail concept
  • The only opportunity for an investor to acquire ownership in a major Calgary mall
  • Early investors will enjoy pre-construction prices and a superb selection of premium units
  • Bank financing is available for qualified investors, at low interest rates
  • Eliminate the uncertainty of rent increases, so you can plan with confidence
  • Underground parking will draw crowds in winter months
  • Change your merchandise mix and service offerings at any time
  • Rare opportunity for a small business owner to secure commercial space in a major Calgary mall

New Horizon Mall is the only Calgary shopping mall designed to create wealth for the individual investor and entrepreneur. Its financial structure is unique – each retail boutique is offered for sale as a condominium unit. A condominium store may be owner-operated, or the owner may choose to lease the unit to a retailer.

For the retail business owner

If you plan to operate your own retail business, owning a New Horizon Mall condominium unit gives you a real competitive advantage. You will secure a rare, premium location in a major retail mall. You will eliminate the uncertainty of rent increases, so you can plan your business growth with confidence. Additionally, whenever you wish to sell, you will have strategic options. You may choose to sell the property or the business, or both – with the potential to realize capital gains on both transactions.

For the real estate investor

You may choose to purchase a retail condominium as an investment, leasing the store to an operator. New Horizon Mall is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to secure an ownership position in a major Calgary mall. It offers you the potential to realize a monthly income stream from leasing the store, and unlimited potential for capital gain from the appreciation of the property. If you are building a real estate portfolio, a New Horizon Mall retail unit provides excellent diversification. Early investors will enjoy pre-construction prices anticipated to appreciate