August 28 - 30

New Horizon Mall is making the last summer weeks especially exciting for you and your family with the launch of Western Canada's first ever virtual LEGO® convention; BuildCon!


creator_industries is currently live streaming Buildcon 2020!

With summer well underway and the back-to-school season quickly approaching, New Horizon Mall is making the last summer weeks especially exciting for you and your family with the launch of Western Canadas first ever virtual LEGO® convention; BuildCon!

BuildCon will be running from August 28th to 30th on the Twitch streaming platform live from the New Horizon Mall centre court stage and hosted by Kris Manabo & Colin Ross from Creator Industries Inc. 

Creator Industries is an Alberta born event company with a passion for bringing families & communities together using the generation transcending building toy, LEGO®! Coming off of their 2020 ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centre’s) win, Kris & Colin look to continue pushing the boundaries of what events can look like in 2020 and beyond.

BuildCon will be structured to not only deliver an exceptional and unique LEGO® experience, but to do so while navigating the ever changing COVID-19 world we are all now getting accustomed to. This will be accomplished mainly by hosting the majority of the event virtually!

Over the three days of BuildCon, Kris & Colin will be the hosts of one of the very first LEGO® virtual conventions ever! They will be speaking to LEGO® professionals, prolific LEGO® Creators in the community, local LEGO® enthusiasts, as well as amazing LEGO® Creators from around the globe. Guests and viewers of the event will have the unique opportunity to chat with the hosts and the LEGO® Creators, while also having the chance to ask them questions directly and answered live on air! This unprecedented format will allow LEGO® fans from around the world the opportunity to get to know more about the Creators, how they got started on their LEGO® journey, as well in-depth details, tips, and building tricks learned from years in the industry. 

However, BuildCon will not only be a revolutionary virtual event, it will also be a large-scale physical gallery accessible to those living or traveling around the Calgary area as well. With over 12 full scale store locations being utilized, BuildCon will allow for New Horizon Mall guests to get an up-close view of the extraordinary LEGO® creations being exhibited over the weekend and for the following month as well. These creations will also be accompanied by “Creator” & “Creation” profiles, allowing viewers to gain a deeper understanding of the builder themselves.

BuildCon was preceded by 8 weeks of building contests and prizes and continuing with that spirit August 28th – 30th will be filled with ample opportunity to win exclusive LEGO® swag! For all chances to win, be sure to tune in to the live stream on Twitch between the following times:


August 28th: 12:00pm – 6:00pm

August 29th: 12:00pm – 6:00pm

August 30th: 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Keep checking back with New Horizon Mall’s social pages to find further details about BuildCon as the date draws nearer. From all of us here we cannot wait for you to be a part of BuildCon!

See you there!

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